Current Business Model of the Halal Global Market

Currently, the major marketing channel for the Halal commodity suppliers and retailers is the commodity wholesale market. However, when the retailers make purchases in the wholesale market, the dominant suppliers may offer products that are not Halal certified. Besides, the retailers may be inconvenient to collect information on the price and other details of the Halal products. The current business model is the directory and business portal.

The average online halal directory and business portal like the Singapore Halal Directory acts as a mere introductory service. Once the Buyers have identified products and suppliers of interest, both parties will have to move offline and continue using emails, faxes and myriads of spreadsheets that result in complexities, errors and added costs.

According to the World Trade Organization the average international trade transaction involves: 20-30 different parties, 40 documents, 200 data elements (30 of which are repeated at least 30 times).
根据世界贸易组织统计的平均国际贸易交易涉及:20 – 30个不同方,40个文件,200个数据元素(其中30个至少要重复30次以上)

The complexities of import-export add as much 15% administrative overhead to the actual cost of goods.

In today's highly competitive global markets, Suppliers and their clients need to reduce and even eliminate inefficiencies that result in higher costs and possible loss of market share. 

Technology challenges 科技改变

There are several challenges with regards to technology that need to be overcome. Firstly, communication management between Warees Halal Staff and their clients is properly not managed. This problem was also faced when they are communicating with their China agent. Currently most of the communication is done through email or phone and there is no centralized location to capture information. Thus tracking can be quite challenging as different staff have their own sets of excel spreadsheets


Another challenge is the global outreach restriction due to geographical factors and limitation due to the current information technology infrastructure .


Emerging models for E-commerce business in the Halal Market


Economists said that the growth of Global Halal market is definitely depending on the participation of E-commerce and Halal E-marketplace.


In fact, the regional Muslim countries like Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Singapore are currently speeding up the promotion of Halal concept, which aims to integrate the Halal producers and marketers. Thus, the development of Halal E-marketplace is facing huge challenge, in the perspective of having qualified Halal certified food producers to join in the Halal E-marketplace as to ensure the safety, hygiene and fairness of the commodity trading.


Some of the Halal E-marketplaces includes the dagang halal site from Malaysia, zabihah.com a site with an directory which is a Halal business yellow pages in UK.

一些在线网上清真Halal市场包括马来西亚的Dagang Halal.com、英国的zabihah.com等。

Besides these sites, some of the Government Halal E-marketplace which are only search directories include the Australian Halal Food Directory and Singapore Halal Directory.


Halal Market Leaders for the adoption of E-commerce solutions. 



Zabihah.com is the one of the largest databases of Halal establishments .It is based in the US and was created in 1999. Now, it has become an important resource for Muslim communities worldwide.



DagangHalal.com, based in Malaysia is one of the B2B e-marketplaces featuring Halal products and services. It provides an online platform as well as other business sourcing channels for our merchants to reach out to a potential worldwide Muslim market

Dagang Halal.com是马来西亚的一个提供清真Halal产品和服务的B2B电子商务平台。它为商人们提供了一个业务采购渠道的在线平台,以及其他业务采购渠道以达到一个潜在的全球穆斯林市场。


The Halal Business Directory, a UK Based Website provides a free service to Halal Businesses enabling them to publicise their online presence, and a free service to the public to help locate local businesses. Both user friendly and search engine friendly, the Halal Business Directory also provides a business listing with contact details, products and services, and a link to selected businesses websites. 
Halal Business Directory是英国的一家网站为清真Halal企业提供他们的在线免费服务,以帮助定位当地企业。除了用户和搜索引擎,清真Halal企业目录还提供了详细的联系方式,产品信息和服务信息,并链接到企业网站。

Halal Exchange


Halal Exchange is a joint venture project in UAE between Halal Exchange Inc. 
Halal Exchange is a web-based enterprise solution for the challenges of Global Sourcing. Founded in January 2002, the mission focused exclusively on developing the standard template for the complex, costly and convoluted import - export process. Halal Exchange is headquartered in Vancouver with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Dubai and San Francisco.

Australian Halal Food Directory
Halal.com.au is Australia's first comprehensive Halal dining guide. Our aim in launching this site is to give Muslim people around Australia a handy resource to find Halal restaurants, cafes and other eateries. Of course, we hope that this site can be of use to non-Muslims as well!

Singapore Halal Directory 新加坡Halal目录(http://www.singaporehalaldirectory.com)

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